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Signs of Autism in Children Ages 2 – 6 Months

It is commonly debated whether a baby can be diagnosed or begin displaying signs of autism at a very young age. In general, it is much more common for a baby to show signs of autism between the ages of 12⁠ and 24 months and a formal diagnosis of autism is more common at this age. However, signs of ASD in babies can develop both earlier and later than this standard age range.

Babies can reach developmental milestones at slightly different ages even if autism and various other
developmental delays are not present. However, some behavioral characteristics can be red flags of
potential autism that a parent should monitor. Some of these characteristics at roughly 2 – 6 months

  • Lack of eye contact
  • Not following moving objects with their eyes
  • Not responding to their name
  • Sensitivity to loud noises or lack of responding to sounds around them
  • Not grasping and holding onto objects
  • Limited facial expression
  • Limited babbling or delayed speech
  • Poor facial recognition

Please remember that your child might display some of the above red flags but not have autism. It is
important to talk with your pediatrician at this age so that progress can be closely monitored.

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