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Customized Treatment Plan

A customized treatment plan is at the core of our ABA therapy services because no two children with autism are alike. The Place for Children with Autism develops individual autism treatment plans for every child and family who we are helping. Our therapists take the information learned from each child’s autism assessment, as well as feedback and goals from parents and caregivers, to develop a personalized ABA therapy treatment plan for that child.

Customized Treatment Plan

Behaviorally Targeted Individual ABA Therapy

The personalized ABA therapy program developed for each child with autism at The Place contains targeted areas of behavior that will most benefit that child. Based on the initial autism assessment, and then subsequent follow-up assessments to monitor progress, the customized treatment plan includes targeted areas such as speech therapy, potty training, social communication and group dynamics.

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Ongoing Assessments and Monitoring

Our clinicians use the results of regular autism assessments to develop, focus, and adjust customized treatment plans for each child. These periodic individual child assessments help to monitor progress as well as help to ensure that both one-on-one therapy and any group activity is best focused on the areas needing improvement for each child.

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