Potty Training

The Place offers comprehensive ABA methods for potty training children with autism.
Given the characteristics which define autism (communication deficits, social skill deficits, sensory issues, and restricted and repetitive behaviors), potty training can be an extremely difficult skill to teach. In fact, more than 50% of parents with a child with autism indicate that potty training is a major concern. For this reason, The Place has dedicated therapists to facilitate potty training regimens for children of all ages in our program.

Potty Training Children with Autism

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The techniques and procedures we use to potty train children with autism are individualized based on the child. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst will observe your child and create a custom potty training program. This typically occurs in the clinic during the early stages when the procedure is most difficult to implement. Once your child begins to get better at following the procedure, we begin teaching parents to continue the procedure at home until the child is efficiently and consistently using the potty for both urinations and bowel movements.

We understand potty training is a delicate subject, so prior to starting a potty training program, the Board Certified Behavior Analyst will walk parents through the procedure to ensure everyone is on board with the techniques recommended.

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