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ABA Therapy for Children with Autism in Hermosa

Enrolling now, The Place for Children with Autism location in Hermosa provides children aged 2 – 6 who have been diagnosed with autism with full day, center-based ABA therapy.

Now Enrolling Ages 2 – 6

At The Place for Children with Autism in Hermosa, we offer a comprehensive ABA therapy approach that combines one-on-one therapy with group activities. We are committed to using ABA therapy that is based on scientific evidence, empathy, and positive outcomes. Our team of experts creates individualized treatment plans for each child to ensure they achieve the best possible results.

The Place for Children with Autism’s center in Hermosa provides personalized one-on-one ABA therapy to children ages 2-6 with autism in a preschool-like setting. Additionally, our Hermosa center offers speech therapy to foster a co-treatment model for enrolled children. Our Hermosa location is a two-floor, 10,000 sq. ft. center that includes classrooms, an open gym area, a secure outdoor recreation area, as well as our training center.

The Place’s Hermosa location is conveniently near Austin, Logan Square, Humboldt Park, or other nearby areas.

4145 W Armitage Rd
Chicago, IL 60639

Tel (English): (224) 436-0788
Tel (Español): (224) 263-6820

Monday – Friday
8AM – 4:30PM

About The Place for Children with Autism

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The Place’s award-winning and accredited program provides individualized applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to children ages 2-6. Our model is unique in that ABA therapy is provided in a full day (8am-4:30pm) school-like setting. Throughout the day, there are several activities which mimic a traditional school setting such as circle time, music, arts and crafts, group snacks and lunch, and a variety of other activities to promote socialization with peers. Each child has a dedicated and qualified 1:1 therapist who will specialize in helping children meet critical milestones in communication, social, and behavioral domains.

Our approach to applied behavior analysis (ABA) is based in science and delivered with compassion by qualified therapists (RBTs) and Board-Certified Behavior Analysts.

We are best known for:

Communication Language

Increasing Communication and Language Skills

Social Skills

Improving Social Skills

School Readiness

School Readiness


Developing Independent Living Skills (potty training, etc.)

Macro and Micro Motor Skills

Developing Motor Skills

Executive Functioning

Building Executive Functioning Skills

Recognized for Excellence

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Medicaid and Insurance

Not sure if your insurance plan will cover ABA therapy? Does your insurance plan cover ABA therapy but with high out of pocket costs? Is your child on Medicaid? Our Family Support Services team works proactively with every family in our program to make ABA therapy affordable. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Autism Diagnosis

To access ABA therapy, your child must have a formal autism diagnosis. If your child needs a diagnosis, contact us using the form below and a member of our team will get in touch to match you with a qualified provider.

Spanish Language Services

We offer family support and training, translation services, and Spanish language services for our Spanish-speaking families. Please call (224) 263-6820 for assistance.

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