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Developing Communication Skills

Developing communication skills for children with autism is a core aim of the ABA therapy services provided at The Place. Since our therapy program mirrors a traditional preschool setting, there are several opportunities throughout the day to work on communication skills for every child. As with all our treatment goals, communication skills procedures are individualized for each child. Communication skills are assessed at baseline and throughout the program to ensure the children are improving communication ability and reaching traditional milestones of their same-aged peers.

Developing Communication Skills

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Group Activities and Communication Skills

Children enrolled in our therapy program will participate in daily group activities led by our therapists that focus on the development of joint attention, self-regulation, social language, and classroom and group behavior. The major goal of our communication skills program is to efficiently fade out initial one-on-one support, empowering children to play with others independently. Activities include circle time, free play, structured play, dance, music, art, and group lunch and snack time.

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