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Developing Social Skills

Our ABA therapy program helps children with autism develop social skills and social behaviors. Like a traditional preschool setting, the therapy services provided at The Place include several activities designed to promote socialization skills. These activities are individualized for each child according to their needs. Social skills are assessed at baseline and subsequently throughout the therapy program to ensure each child is making progress and reaching the traditional milestones of their same-aged peers.

Developing Social Skills

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Group Settings for Social Development

Children in our therapy program will engage in daily group activities that focus on the development of social play, social emotional behavior, and nonverbal social skills. These activities include circle time, free play, structured play, dance, music, art, and group lunch and snack time, all of which are led by our BCBAs.

The end goal of our social skills program is to fade out the need for one-on-one support over time and enable children to socialize with others independently.

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