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Frequently Asked Questions About Autism

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    Will autism go away?

    No, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a lifelong condition. However, ABA therapy can help children with autism reach their maximum potential by increasing vital skills and helping them reach their milestones.

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    Can autism be cured?

    There is no cure for autism, and many in the autism community do not want a “cure.” While the disorder can pose significant challenges, treatment should focus on improving the lives of those with ASD while embracing neurodiversity.

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    When is autism diagnosed?

    Autism can usually be diagnosed by the time a child reaches 18 months old. In many cases, however, signs of autism begin to reveal themselves during the first year of life. Some individuals who have milder forms of autism (i.e., ASD level 1), may have symptoms that do not become obvious until they reach an age where social demands outweigh their ability to cope.

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    How is autism diagnosed?

    If screening indicates autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or if a child’s parents or pediatrician suspect autism, a child may be referred to a specialist for a comprehensive assessment. The specialist will look for signs of social and communication challenges and repetitive behaviors.

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    Who diagnoses autism?

    Autism can be diagnosed by medical doctors or psychologists who specialize in the assessment of autism.

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    Why is autism called a spectrum disorder?

    Autism is known as a spectrum disorder because it includes a wide range of symptoms and severities. Because no two individuals experience autism the same way, they are said to be “on the spectrum” rather than experiencing a fixed set of symptoms.

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    What are the types of autism?

    The diagnostic manual which covers autism (DSM-5) identifies three levels of autism, based on the amount of support the individual requires. “Types” of autism, such as Asperger’s syndrome, are no longer diagnosed.

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    What causes autism?

    While there is no single known cause of autism, most autism cases are believed to be primarily genetic. Despite common misconceptions, research has repeatedly shown that there is no link between vaccines and autism.

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    Why is autism on the rise?

    It probably isn’t. While the number of reported cases is on the rise, it is most likely because of increased awareness and better rates of identification and diagnosis.

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