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The Place for Children with Autism in Bloomington Featured on WGLT

Our center in Bloomington, IL is now open! As a leader in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, The Place will provide the highest quality treatment for children with autism ages 2 – 6 in Bloomington-Normal and surrounding areas.

December 2, 2021 — Dr. Carly Lapin from The Place for Children with Autism, recently sat down with Charlie Schlenker at local NPR affiliate WGLT to discuss the new center.

“We provide therapy in a school setting, so there is circle time, music, art, dance, yoga, cooking, everything a preschool would have,” said Dr. Lapin, “but each child has a one-on-one therapist who is working on really getting communication up, really getting social skills up. We work a lot on toilet training and other independent living skills as well.”

Listen to the full segment on WGLT’s Sound Ideas (starts at 5:50).

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The Place for Children with Autism
The Place for Children with Autism provides a comprehensive approach to autism treatment that focuses on the highest quality therapy to enrich the lives of children with autism and their families across all communities.  Utilizing one-to-one ABA therapy in a structured, center-based environment, our programs are designed with quality as the priority and support as the ongoing means to achieve it.  We specialize in all developmental areas to help children build independence and school readiness skills to succeed.  The Place for Children with Autism works with families from all economic backgrounds to find options that fit their needs.

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April 26, 2022

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