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Developing School Readiness Skills

Developing school readiness skills is among the most common goals for parents of children with autism. ABA therapy can help prepare children to transition into a traditional classroom experience by increasing or improving desired behaviors that are needed to be ready for school.

Developing School Readiness Skills

Skills that ABA therapy teaches to prepare a child for school include:

  • Tolerance to staying seated during academic tasks
  • Participating in group activities such as circle time, music, art, dance
  • Following instructions
  • Task completion
  • Paying attention
  • Lining up with peers
  • Responding to peer requests to play
  • Awareness of personal space
  • Independent and group play skills
  • Learning in a group environment with distractions
  • Transitioning from preferred (recess) to non-preferred educational tasks

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The skills listed above are the school readiness skills teachers expect children to have before they enter the classroom. ABA therapy teaches these skills systematically to prepare children for traditional school and increase their chances of success in a school setting regardless of the child’s age.

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