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Autism Diagnosis Evaluations

What is it?

To access autism therapy (e.g., ABA therapy), a formal medical Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis is required. A licensed provider will conduct an evaluation which includes direct observation of your child and an interview with parents to determine whether the child has autism. Diagnostic providers will used formalized assessment tools to determine any delays in achieving milestones. 

The Place for Children with Autism
Does your child need a diagnostic evaluation for autism? We can help connect you with a provider.

How The Place for Children with Autism can help

The Place for Children with Autism has over 10 community providers which they work closely with to assist families in obtaining diagnostic evaluations. The outreach team at The Place will work closely with families to identify and match each family with a diagnostic provider in the area who has the shortest wait times.  

Obtaining a medical evaluation early in a child’s life is critical to being able to access therapy as early as possible. Our dedicated team of outreach specialists will ensure you have the support needed to complete these evaluations.

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