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Winter Fun For Families
Autism Winter Fun

Its winter break, which means plenty of time for your child to enjoy some seasonal activities. Whether its indoors or braving the cold, there are plenty of fun things to enjoy with your family this winter. In this post, we’ll offer up some ideas for winter fun.

Indoor Ideas

With the often brutal cold and winter weather, tis the season for indoor activities. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Visit the Museums

Chicago has no shortage of world famous museums to visit. This is a great indoor activity that can be both fun and educational. This can be especially fun if your child has any special interests like aquatic life, history, art, science, and space. There’s plenty to choose from like:

Make the Most of Your Space at Home

Sometimes it’s hard to leave the house, but you don’t always have to. This winter break, why not make the most of your space at home and try a few of the following ideas:

Make a sensory play area– This is an especially good idea for any children that have any kind of sensory sensitivities. Its as simple as designating a space in your home free of any harsh or unpleasant sensory stimuli for your child and getting plenty of sensory toys to enjoy. Let your child use this space as a sort of safe space for them to relax.

Let the creativity flow- Simple but effective, there’s no wrong way to get creative. Try inspiring a little creativity with art supplies like paint and sketch pads or coloring books. Not only is it fun, art can be a great way to support your child’s healthy development.

Practice a new skill- The best way to make the most of this winter break is by setting aside some one on one time for you and your child to do things together. This is a good way  to have fun and practice a new skill like cooking or baking.

Outdoor Ideas

Some days are tamer than others in terms of weather. Why not venture out and enjoy some fun outdoors this winter break? Here’s a few ideas:

Take a walk (or a drive) to see some lights

Whether it’s ZooLights at the Lincoln Park zoo or just visiting some decked out neighborhoods, enjoying the holiday decorations is always a good way to have fun and get in the holiday mood. Bring along some hot chocolate to make the ride even more fun.

Hit the skating rink

Skating in Millennium park is a Chicago winter staple. If your child is up to it, consider making the trek down for guaranteed fun and family time. Take it slow and bundle up!

Go sledding

With the proper precautions, going sledding can be a fun and simple activity to take part in with your family. Find the local hills and enjoy the snow best you can.
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December 25, 2019

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