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Understanding Autism Research
Autism Research

Autism research continues to expand and develop our understanding of the autism phenomenon. We share plenty of statistics and research to support our mission, advice, and the way we provide care- but what goes into autism research? In this post, we’ll discuss understanding the basics of autism research.

How Autism Research is Conducted

Since every individual on the spectrum experiences autism in their own way- it can be exceptionally difficult to get statistically significant findings from more basic methods of research. Instead, researchers typically tend to look at large sample sizes to test their hypotheses. 

This means gathering a large and diverse group of people to use as subjects for the research study- whether to test the proposed hypothesis’ scientific validity or to compare and contrast the way different people react to different stimuli, situations and medicine. Research organizations like the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) fund consistent autism research efforts to help these studies continue.

Topics of Study

Some of the most studied topics in autism research include:

  • Behavioral Studies– focused on how autism affects behavior- especially in children.
  • Neurological Studies– focused on autism as it pertains to the brain and development.
  • Therapy and Treatment Studies– studies that test and prove or disprove the effectiveness of certain treatments like therapies or medicine.
  • Environmental Studies– focused on how environmental factors may affect autism and people on the spectrum’s symptoms.
  • Gender Studies- focused on the ways autism affects people differently depending on gender.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as researchers continue to explore new angles and perspectives to understand the autism spectrum.

The Current and Desired Outcomes

Autism research has produced some truly groundbreaking results over the years, uncovering the various factors that may contribute to autism diagnoses, verifying ABA therapy as the most effective treatment for children on the spectrum, and much more. Reputable autism news sources like Spectrum are great resources for the latest on autism research and topics of discussion.

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December 6, 2019

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