Autism Related Mobile Apps

With a growing movement toward recognition and representation for children on the autism spectrum, new resources are sprouting up in a variety of formats. With mobile technology’s fast evolution, mobile applications are giving parents, teachers, and caretakers new ways to teach and develop children on the spectrum’s skills and behavior.

We know you might feel hesitant to download more apps to increase your child’s screen time, but if done in moderation and with the right apps, you can make screen time beneficial to your child in some incredible ways. We’ve done some research on some of the most helpful apps out there right now, and compiled some of our favorites. These apps can help teach your children new things, build on their existing therapy, or improve their behavior at home and elsewhere. Some are meant for your child’s direct use, while others are designed specifically for parents and caregivers.

Children with Autism: A visual schedule

As we mentioned in our 5 Easy Tips to Improve Behavior at Home post, one of the most effective ways to handle tantrums triggered by change is to use scheduling to your advantage. Visual schedules can be especially effective for children on the spectrum.

This visual scheduling tool is intuitive, quick and easy to pick up. Check out the app and overview here.


This app is a task management tool used to help children complete daily routines and teach patience and motivation. This app can help motivate your child to stay engaged with the task at hand.

This task organization tool is built from the ground up for parents and caregivers of children on the spectrum.

Check out the app and overview here.


This app is designed as a communications tool. It utilizes pictures, text and voice overs to assist users who have challenges in verbal communication. Though it’s a bit on the pricey end, this tool ends up being a critical way for nonverbal children and adults to communicate.

This communication tool is effective and built with children in mind. Check out the app and overview here.


This app is designed to be a supplement to your child’s ongoing therapy. It challenges your child with visual and memory games to build on their intellect and motor skills in a dynamic way. Plus, the activities built in to this tool are fun and enjoyable.

Check out the app and overview here.

These apps are some of the most recent, highly rated apps for parents of children with autism. combined with ABA therapy, they can be effective tools to support the positive development of your children’s behavior and skills.

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