Learning is not a one size fits all endeavor

At The Place for Children with Autism, we believe that each child has a special gift for learning. Our first and foremost responsibility is to uncover that gift. Learning is not a one size fits all endeavor.

Our trained staff utilizes numerous assessment tools to pinpoint your child’s current capabilities. Once we have identified your child’s current behavioral and academic levels we then develop individualized programs to meet her or his needs. These programs are then carefully monitored using our customized software programs. As your child advances we adjust the programs accordingly. As a parent you are also able to monitor your child’s progress by logging into her or his individualized programs. We will be happy to give you a demonstration of our software.

In addition to individualized programs we have group instruction for subjects such as art, music and movement.

Our goal is to keep the children attending our center on or ahead of pace with other children of the same age, to facilitate eventual mainstreaming in a regular classroom.

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