My name is Daniel Blank. I have been working with children on the spectrum for many years. My passion is to create innovative ways to help these children live happy and productive lives. Originally I developed the concept of providing Occupational Therapy in a gymnastics setting. Over the past five years I have been providing Applied Behavioral Analysis to children in their homes. ABA Therapy is recommended for children on the spectrum by every major medical association and the Surgeon General of the United States. There is no question regarding its legitimacy or its effectiveness. This is all very true in theory and I have also seen it work with my own eyes. In reality there can be tremendous differences in how, where and when ABA is delivered. We believe conducting ABA in the right environment at the right times can make a huge difference in the lives of the children as well as their parents. The Place for Children with Autism provides this therapy in the preschool setting…the most consistent and effective environment for delivery of this service. We are confident that our unique approach is going to enhance your child’s life.


–Daniel Blank, Founder


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